Monday, October 11, 2010

Last Week of the Mission

Who knew that the last week of my mission would be the best week? I didn't, so I was pleasantly surprised to have it be that way. Last Tuesday we went to say goodbye to Sister Larisa. She is such a sweetheart, I will never forget her. Then we went into Kiev for a zone meeting. It was great; President Steinagel spoke a lot about what he did after his mission, which really helped me a lot. Afterward I went to the Temple for my last time here. I was so happy there and I got a strong feeling that the Lord is going to help me with whatever comes next in life. Thursday we were trapped inside all day due to some crazy remount in the kitchen, but I was able to fully go over Billa Tserkva with Sister Helelyan, so she knows more about what to do when she goes back. Friday we met with Anya, a sweet girl who has a desire to get baptized. Saturday we watched General Conference, then afterward went to Halina and Andre's wedding. It was so much fun! Never a dull moment! I was so glad I could be there. She was so happy. Sunday we watched General Conference and I sat by Halina during the Relief Society session. Yes, Halina and Andre were at church the day after their wedding! I have no fear of them falling away. Afterward we met with three of my favorite families in Ukraine. All of which included either an in-active member there, or an investigator. Why couldn't this have happened more often? It was very bittersweet to say goodbye to all of them, and to Ukraine as well. I hope to see everyone again and know that we will, if we all stay firm in the faith. I am still in denial that I am actually leaving, I think it will settle in somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean.

-Sister Howell

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