Monday, January 25, 2010

Halina's Baptism!

Saturday morning we woke up to a beautiful blue sky and sunshine! Do you know what that means? Cold! No cloud cover and wind brought the temp to -18 degrees Celsius! When it's cold Sister Morton's eyes water, so they got her eyelashes wet and they were freezing together! We got to the chapel to start the water running and to finish working on our talks. The other missionaries got there early and started talking to us so I was only able to finish preparing right before the service! There was a healthy turn out of people and Halina was so happy she was glowing! When I gave my talk only Sister Morton and Halina were smiling at me. Everyone else's faces were contorted- trying to figure out what I was trying to say. All in all it was a beautiful baptism and I want to have many more just like it! Halina is a shining example of what all members need to be more like. She is full of charity and love, she participates in all of the lessons, she loves studying the scriptures and she is introducing all of her friends to the missionaries! We are meeting with her and her boyfriend tonight because she wants him to get baptized too!

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