Monday, August 2, 2010

Devine Guidance

Last Wednesday we were going to give a lesson on the Restoration. Without even thinking about it, I started leaning more to the Plan of Salvation, how God is our Loving Heavenly Father, how we lived with Him before this Earth, and how we are given families as a blessing to help us learn and grow. Sister Garff barely started teaching about prophets, when our investigator said that her husband passed away two years ago from heart complications. Then we were able to easily talk about Christ and His Resurrection and how we will all be resurrected and through Him, we can live together as families. I think that she felt the Spirit and she wants to learn more. Before I came to Billa tSerkva, the sisters had an English lesson with her seven year old daughter, then showed some clips from an info video on missionary work and the temple. The daughter said that she was interested, and the sisters thought that it was about family history work that she was interested in (when it probably was about the eternal nature of the family). How sad it would have been if we had only presented a pedigree chart and taught her daughter how to make a family tree. I'm thankful that we are led by God, and not by our own understanding. He helped us share the correct lesson that she needed to help her feel His love in her life.


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