Monday, July 26, 2010

Sister Larica

I really wanted to end my mission in Khmelnitsky, but having one visit with Babushka Larica in Billa tSerkva makes me very thankful for the opportunity to serve here. She has multiple sclerosis and is in so much pain, that you can tell by the way she rocks back and forth as she is talking with you, but you can not tell by the smile on her face and the words of peace and hope from her lips. How can I complain about the heat, or about a pain in my stomach- such temporary ills, when she has a permanent, deathly sickness of which she says, "If it happens, then it was God's will that it happen." When I first heard that I would have to help clean and wash and elderly lady, I was scared and apprehensive, but now that I have met the angel that she is, I will consider it a privilege until the end of my service.

-Sister Howell

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