Monday, July 5, 2010

I love baptisms!

On Saturday, Oleksey and Nadia were baptized! They are the first married couple in Khmelnistsky to be baptized! We now have a family! They will be such a strength to this little branch.
From what I have heard, when Oleksey was only 12 years old, he saw a commercial for the Book of Mormon, ordered it, and read it all the way through and knew it was true. Somehow later on in life he became an Orthodox priest, and some time later, he left the priesthood. He married Nadia and they have the cutest little girl Nastia. They were searching the Internet and he remembered the Book of Mormon and wanted to read it again. They fasted and prayed for two months before ordering a copy. Elders Demke and Obring got a call from the office giving a name and address to deliver the book to. Then they all met, and the couple pretty much taught themselves. The Lord really does prepare people to receive the Restored Gospel. We have already planned a Relief Society activity with Nadia to get together and sew handkerchiefs for the temple dedication!
My brother Ryan was baptized on the same day! Thanks to missionaries who taught our ancestors generations ago. I wonder how many generations this family will bless?

-Sister Howell

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