Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I should have studied piano more

New idea on how to get investigators to church--- transfer away Sister Murphy- the pianist for the branch and have me attempt to play the piano for Sunday. After that lovely experience I ran out as fast as I could to find someone from our little branch who could play! Luckily enough, we have been teaching someone who is a professional musician. She said she felt better about coming to church, because she was needed and had something to do, rather than to just sit and gawk at everything around her. When I called Elder Demke to tell him that I wasn't playing, I think he got a little offended. He said something like, "singing is a spiritual experience for me" and he did not want to play the piano. Then I told him that I was not going to play....because Tanya was going to play instead- I could hear the relief in his chuckle. So Tanya came and all was well. President Molonose was visiting from L'viv and shared a spiritual talk about his conversion and what it means to him today. I'm excited to meet with Tanya soon and hear what she has to say!
-Sister Howell

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