Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Elder Russell M. Nelson!

That's right-you heard me! Two Apostles in two weeks! Both with "Russell" and "M" in their names! I totally wasn't expecting it because we had just had one and the gym is being worked on so we were meeting in a smaller building, but we got good seats anyways! It is so amazing because we were just sitting there singing the prelude music watching for whatever devotional speaker is going to be, then everyone stands up and you look to see why and there is one the Twelve, right there, in real life! He is so great, when he got to the stand, he remarked "Quick Choir" complementing us on how fast we all stood up while we were singing. He has such a fun and lively personality that is readily evident in person. His wife, Wendy W. Nelson, first spoke to us and she is awesome - I've heard her before when I was in Florida. She told us to doubt not and fear not, but to rejoice in the light of Christ, and to live everyday as we will wish to have lived when we reach the end of this life. Elder Nelson spoke mostly about 1st impressions and how we must reflect the Savior in all that we do. He encouraged us to personally study the Savior by going through all the pages about Him in the Topical Guide - one topic per week, because the only way we can help others to come to Christ is if we know of Him ourselves. There are so many other great truths he shared with us, but there is no way I can write it all right now, so this will have to do.

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