Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hello everybody!

Well, since last week when I got to see and hear from Elder Nelson and his wife, I have also seen Sister Lant the General Primary President for the Church. After she gave her talk in Relief Society she met with the sisters out front. My companion and I were one of the first to meet her and she is so nice! She recognized our nametags as being Ukrainian, and told us that last year, she and her husband worked at the temple site there in Kyiv. She said it was such a beautiful country, and she loved it!
This week for TRC, we are going to "help someone move" because missionaries do a lot of that, I guess (I should know!) Plus it helps us learn the vocab for household items and items for cleaning. This week is the last one that we get to give the actual missionary discussion in English! Yup, next week it is entirely Ukrainian! We have already started on writing out the first lesson in Ukrainian, and it is sooo much to remember!
Our teacher gave us a huge lecture on having desire the other day, because we're not moving as fast along as she'd like us to. I think that I do have the desire, but I don't know what to do about it!
The native Eastern Europeans are leaving next week, along with all of the other Russian/Ukraine bound missionaries that where hear before us. I will miss them so much! It will be good practice to say goodbye to fellow missionaries, because I'll be doing that a lot when I get to Ukraine. I can't believe how close we have gotten in the few weeks that we have been together! Now I think I have a tiny glimpse as to the feelings you all had when I left!

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