Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Other than the TRC's that I've told you about so far, (this week is on shopping!) I have memorized in Ukrainian, "My Purpose" as found in Preach My Gospel. James 1:5, John 3:16 and the "First Vision" currently I am working on memorizing all of the Forth Section of the Doctrine and Covenants. I think we will memorize all 13 Articles of Faith in Ukrainian.
I'd like to tell you this week about my district. There are 5 of us all speaking Ukranian all going to the Kiev Ukraine mission. My companion, Sister Murphy, from Arkansas, is a super energetic geek- and she is proud of it! She always does her very best to be 100% obedient and is always trying to learn as much as she can- all of the time. She is a great example to me. Elder Behunin, is from Utah and my teacher, Sister Georgevia, calls him a young calf, because he sometimes is caught off guard and looks at her with wide eyes, that remind her of a young calf, but to me he reminds me of an old man, because he always has all these stories of his life that he likes to talk about, and talk and talk ....Elder Hill, from New Mexico, reminds Sister G. of Donkey, from Shrek, because he is always interrupting her and likes to jump into helping the classmates when she wants them to learn for themselves. What Elder Hill reminds me of a smooth-talking lawyer that can wrap a jury around his finger, which, oddly enough is what he wants to be! Elder Penrose is originally from Chicago, Illinois, which is where I think he picked up his "gangster" side! He told the class once that he often wishes he could slam somebody's head into a table. He is definitely the most quiet of the bunch, but when he speaks, he speaks with such force and simplicity that you can not deny that he knows what he is saying is the truth. I am really blessed to be able to be in this district, everyone has such strong testimonies and are trying their very best to push forward with the work. We also know how to laugh too, which helps this process not seem so overwhelming.
Speaking of laughing, last week in the Referral Center, (where missionaries call to confirm the delivery of church items that people have ordered from TV ads, or pass along cards) I made a call to a woman who spoke mostly Spanish, when I tried to ask her if she received the Book of Mormon she ordered, I said Kineha Mormona, - which is Ukrainian, instead of El Libro de Mormon. It was so funny I had a hard time trying to finish the call, with all of my district laughing at me.
A funny word we learned this week is Freakadelky, which is the word for meat balls! The meat balls here at the MTC are freaky-deaky which is a good way to remember their name!!!

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