Monday, July 27, 2009

Has it already been a week?

I know I've heard people say that missionary work makes time fly by so fast, but now I actually believe it! I really enjoyed our mini-zone conference we had this week. It was very inspiring to hear from the other companionship's and how they were seeing miracles in the work. As for miracle investigator that my companion and I have been working with, we were sad to find out that she does not live in the areas in which we cover, so we are beginning the process of transferring her over to the other sisters so that they can help her continue in her progression. We were hoping to give her over with a baptismal date already in sight, but she still has some small concerns, but she is so close! It is amazing to me how the adversary can focus on the small little things, which can prevent a baptism from occurring. But then I remind myself of Elder Holland's quote, "Salvation is not cheap" then I am inspired to continue to work my very hardest to bring about salvation and not get discouraged when faced with opposition.
I think my biggest struggle right now is the language. It is very depressing when little kids come up to me and ask me questions and I have no idea what they are saying. But just when I feel like I will never make any progression, we go to a lesson and I say things that I didn't think that I could- far from perfect of course, but it is baby steps. I think that is something that I need to remember now, baby-steps; that I shouldn't be trying to run marathons when I barely even know how to walk.

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