Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Meagen in Ukraine!

These are some nice looking buildings in downtown Kiev, unfortunately, not all of Kiev looks like this. Mostly all of where I live, which is on the outskirts of Kiev, is all apartment buildings that all look exactly the same- (because of the communist rule in the soviet era) it gets so confusing trying to find my way around! Thankfully, my trainer is an expert!

These are some of the sisters that were in Kiev at the time and who wanted to go to the opera, so this is in the theater. The opera was not as good as I was expecting, it was called "Rigetello" - I think. It was sung in Italian and I wouldn't have been able to understand what was going on if Sister Pack would not have translated the Ukrainian program for me.

This is at a ward picnic out in the forest near where we live. the girls pictured are Lenna and Cviata, they are super nice. The forest was kind of weird and unnatural. All the trees were in perfect rows and looked like they had been planted. The ward put on a little skit of Lehi's vision of the Tree of life, it was so cute! The lady who narrated was Sister Zoya Gulko, she was one of the committee members who translated the Book of Mormon into Ukrainian! Her husband is the bishop of our ward and he usually dubs the general conference into Ukrainian! Cool! To eat we had sausages which were like American hot dogs, but shorter and fatter. We played badminton, Frisbee, and catch. they also played water balloon volleyball, but Sister Pack and I just watched, because we were going to a baptism right after the picnic.

This is me at the Kiev Temple of course! I asked the Mission Pres, when the Temple should be completed and he gives it a year. So I actually might be here still! Who knows?

This is me on an empty metro car. Usually they are jam packed! But we started at the end of the line, so we could actually sit! I think also subconsciously I was showing off my bare leg! Yep! Great news, we don't have to wear nylons till September! Hooray! We're going to try and find some nice sandals today, because we can now wear those too! Thank you to Sister Steingal who served her mission in Argentina and knows what it is like to wear nylons in the hot hot humidity!

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