Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rest in Peace

Well, Sister Movchanyuk ended her mission on Thursday, but she didn't get her visa to go back to Italy, so she is staying with her friend here for a week and then going to go visit her grandma in Harkiv. It was really strange to see her at our activity on Saturday and again at church on Sunday and to call her by her first name. Our activity on Saturday was to celebrate Woman's Day and for one part of it, some of the men in the ward put on wigs and did a skit for us about how they think we hold Relief Society meetings. It was very entertaining. We had three of our investigators come, and I think they had fun.
This week I am with Sister Morton until transfers. It has been fun being with her again, and it is interesting to see how we fall back into the same roles that we had with each other before. I still don't feel like I know this area very well. But I've only had to ask for directions twice! We've had a lot of people cancel lessons on us recently. I hope it is not just because Sister Movchanyuk is not here anymore, but if that really is the reason, then they are not ready anyway.
Something I've been studying in the scriptures lately is the need to be constantly nourished by the word of God. It is important for us as missionaries to be enlightened and inspired by the scriptures, so that we may know what it is that we need to share with our investigators and help them progress. We also need to make sure that the members and our investigators are studying everyday so that their testimony's may be strengthened and they will be able to feel the spirit to help them know what is truth and what is not. I know that I have always known this, but I love how true it is and want to focus more with helping those we work with understand the importance of scriptures as well.
Have a magical day!

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