Monday, March 22, 2010


Yeah! Sister Walker is my new companion! I knew we would get along just fine when I was looking through her pictures and saw a photo of her sister with Dole Whip! She loves that I love Dole Whip too! It's only the best ice-cream ever!
So back when Sister Morton was on exchanges with me, I apologized that the water wasn't warm on Sundays because no one was taking showers in the mornings. I told her it was not my fault that the people in our building were not going to church! And she asked if I had invited them. Well, I hadn't, so when we had a lesson that got canceled the other night we decided to go to our neighbors and get acquainted. We even introduced ourselves as there neighbors and people were still rude to us, until....we went to the apartment right above us and the lady came to the door and invited us in. She fed us a little food and asked if we were Mormon. We said yes, and she said that one of her favorite authors is Orson Scott Card. We had a very good conversation and ended up sharing with her the Book of Mormon and invited her to come to church. She said she was busy this week, but maybe next week! Knocking on doors really does work!

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