Monday, April 19, 2010


Well, the boy from the in-active family that we thought had some potential is of the opinion that people don't need to go to church, if they need it, then ok, but not all people need church to help them be good people. He is a very smart kid, hopefully if we continue to teach his family, he will eventually see the truth.
We had an eye-opening lesson last night. What we thought would be a normal potential lesson turned out to be a lesson with an active member who has a world of challenges and difficulties in her life and there is really nothing we can do to help her except show her love. The member is still very happy though. One of the happiest people I know. What is it that brings her such happiness in a world of sadness and fear? After the lesson, Sister Walker and I were talking to each other about how we are so blessed when the world around us seems do be falling and falling into tragedy and despair. Is it because the Gospel is such a big part of our lives? Would we be this happy without it? Those are some questions I've been pondering lately. I know the answer. That is why I am here.


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