Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Easter!

So here in Ukraine, instead of saying, "Happy Easter" people say, "Christ was resurrected" and the response is, "It's true, He was resurrected" I like that a lot more than just happy Easter. For tradition, Ukrainians make sweet bread and color eggs, wrap them up and put them in a basket, then take it to a church to be blessed. What the symbolism is, I don't know, but I think it is interesting how traditions carry on. On Easter we went to church, then went home and ate some sweet bread. It was Sister Walker's birthday so she baked a carrot cake. Then we passed out "The Living Christ" papers on the streets, and even on Easter, people would not take them, but some families did, and hopefully they will call. We also did some stop-bys to less-active members. We found a less-active family who say they can not come to church, because they work every Sunday, but their 16 year old son, who has not been baptized, sat on the lesson with us and wants to learn more.
News on the Temple- the scaffolding is almost all the way down and work is progressing on the grounds in front of the temple. It is so fun every time I come to church to see little changes here and there that are working up to the big beautiful day of dedication! I hope that I am here!!!


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