Monday, May 31, 2010

English Service

Last week we met a lady for English practice, when we got to her house she said that she "knew what we are all about" that we just want to baptize her and make her a member of our church. She said we were falsely advertising English as a way to get into people's homes and convert them. She was very aggressive and not polite at all. I almost wanted to say, that's right and if you don't want it, then I'm out of here! Luckily, Sister Murphy spoke before I could and she said that of course we would love to share our beliefs with people, but if you just want English, then that is our service to you. The lady then changed the subject and arranged for another meeting the next week. When the next week came around, I really didn't want to go back, but because we are honest, we went to the meeting. When we got there, she had a coworker there that stayed in the background and didn't really participate. After some time the first lady actually picked up a Book of Mormon and started looking through it while asking questions. Then her coworker started telling us that she had met with the missionaries before when she lived in Italy, and she liked us a lot. She said the only problem she has is that she really loves Mary the mother of Christ, and she doesn't understand why we do not worship her. We talked a little more and left feeling very good. We don't know if there is any potential right now for either of these women, but we felt that we were supposed to be there and to have had that meeting. So something that we thought we were dreading, turned into something uplifting! The Lord really does have His hand in this work.

-Sister Howell

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