Monday, May 3, 2010


I got transferred to Khmilnitsky! And Sister Murphy (my MTC companion) is my companion again! It is a beautiful place in Mid-west Ukraine. Where about 50 percent of the people speak Ukrainian! It is so much cleaner then Kiev. And greener too! There are so many trees and grass and flowers all over! There is no traffic and the buses are not over-crowded. I love small towns!
The down side is that the branch here is soo small. There were only 15 people at church on Sunday and that is more then usual. And 6 of them were missionaries! Crazy!
Working in a branch is so interesting. The branch's building is located right next to a soccer stadium. And right below us is a sport's bar, so in sacrament meeting on Sunday, I heard Elvis in the background. Not very conductive to the Spirit, but an experience I won't soon forget. The members are great though, I love it already.
It is interesting to be serving with Sister Murphy again. It is similar to our MTC experience, except for the cooking together part. We are both semi-picky eaters, but we will just have to figure out what foods work for both of us.
I'll see if I can send some pictures next week.

-Sister Howell

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