Monday, May 10, 2010

Finding Families

Well, I think that I went from the largest ward in Ukraine to the smallest branch.
There were only four members in church on Sunday. This branch needs a lot of help.
We did a service project planting potatoes so that other potatoes would grow.
I was thinking... You know how in the pioneering days, families were called to go settle an area of land so that that place would grow and flourish?
Maybe that would work for Kmilnitsky! Call a strong family from one of those big wards and plant them here so that other families will grow! And we can reap the harvest!
It could work!
We need families so bad. That is what it really is all about. It is the second principle we teach, just right after "God is our loving Heavenly Father." So it must be important. The gospel is supposed to strengthen families. So why is it so difficult for a family to be baptised? Sister Murphy and I really want to focus on families. We are thinking and thinking about a good approach that isn't scary, and also intriguing. I hate giving English lesson, but I know it is a good recourse for finding people. In the Voscresinsky ward, the last five baptisms were all from English. But that is only targeting a small amount of English speakers. I can see how that works, because people normally run from religious people running up and down the streets, knocking on doors and forcing religious brochures into their hands. So English is a way for people to meet us, get to know us, and find out that we are not super scary people and then they want to hear about what we believe. How can we do something that all the choice, elect, righteous, people will be interested in? I think if we found that answer, the world would be baptised by now, at least the good half.

Let me know if you have any ideas!!!

-Sister Howell

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