Monday, September 27, 2010


Last Monday it was super cold outside, so I went and bought a new coat. I had to buy a new coat, because the ones I had I already donated to the mission. I already donated them thinking that it wouldn't get that cold until I leave. So I bought it and felt warm and cozy the rest of the day. Then I woke up on Tuesday and the weather was just fine! Then it kept getting warmer and warmer until I was back to wearing short sleeves. Well, I'm not hoping for colder weather again. So I'll just say that I bought the coat to wear when I am back home. I hope at least it will be cool enough to wear on the plane.

We had a really great lesson last Wednesday with a member and her friend that came to the open house and cultural event. She loved all of it and wants her family (who have mostly passed away) to be together forever. She knows that she has to change some things in her life, she just needs to make the decision to do it and follow through. That is always the hard part. I just wish I could show her how much more happier she will be if she does follow God's plan.

Last night I made some spaghetti and then right after we were done eating we went to visit a partially active family. We had a good spiritual thought where 4 of the 6 kids were present, then afterward they invited us to eat with them. At first I tried to refuse, saying that we just ate, but then, I didn't want to sound rude, so we gave in. It was Ukrainian pizza, complete with potatoes, tomatoes, onions and heaping wads of mayonnaise. I wasn't sure I could finish my slice, even though it did taste pretty good. Then they took my plate away and I was relieved that I had finished. And they came back with another slice. I tried to do the kind thing and hand it to the mother who still hadn't eaten, but she wouldn't have it and gave it back and told me to EAT! When my companion and I left the house I told her she would have to roll me home. I don't get fed very often on my mission, but when I do- it makes up for all the other times I haven't been fed!

-Sister Howell

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