Monday, September 20, 2010

Last transfer

I don't think I knew what "trunkie" really was until my last transfer. Instead of listing all the things that have made me want to scream, "are you kidding me?" I will just mention what happened last Friday. Sister Clark and I were going to the mission office to pick up our new mini missionaries. When we were walking past the temple, we found them there. Lena, Sister Clark's mini, Natasha, my mini, and Natasha's boyfriend. We all hugged and took pictures in front of the temple. Then Sister Clark and Lena went off to the mission office. Natasha's boyfriend came up to me and asked me if he could borrow her for a moment before we go. So they walked a little ways away and he proposed to her! Of course, she is super happy, but she is being very good about it. I think she might think it is forbidden to talk about guys and I'm letting her keep that opinion.
A miracle happened last Monday. Sister Clark and I were in Kiev, and I wanted to do some souvenir shopping for the last time. Even though I've been to the street that has tons of souvenirs several times, Sister Clark and I couldn't agree on how to get there. So we decided to ask someone. We stopped a young woman who wasn't sure how to get there herself, but she volunteered to take us there the best she could. On the way she asked us about why we were here and when we were explaining to her, she almost started crying. We asked if she would like to meet with the sisters in Kiev and she said that she would love to. I love moments like those! They make me so happy to be a missionary!
Back in Billa- it is super hard here! Being away for so long, none of our old investigators want to meet with us and trying to find new people is so hard. Yesterday we went with the district to sing hymns at Park Alexandria. We sang for maybe 20 minutes and a few people stopped, but we didn't get any contacts out of it. This morning we wanted to stop by a temple referral, but we got on the wrong marshutka which took us way out in the wrong direction. We will try again at the next opportunity. I just hope that something works out for us here. But Sister Larica certainly is happy that we are back!

-Sister Howell

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