Monday, November 23, 2009


Sister Morton and I have had a very good week. Although the weather has been a little rainy, it hasn't been too cold. And we found two new investigators! One has a concern with the God head, she believes that they are all one person, but she has agreed to study and pray about it along with us and we are going to share what we learned at the next meeting. The other new investigator has a concern with God- she doesn't believe he exists. Sister Morton shared her beautiful testimony of how she knows that she will see her mother again after this life, and that God is the only one to make that possible. It left the girl with tears, and a definite yes when we asked her if she would like to learn more. Our other investigator that we have been teaching for a while now is almost to the point where if we don't see any improvement, we may have to drop her. I really don't want to, but she is just taking the lessons at face value and not applying them to her heart. I asked her to pray for us the last time we were there, but she refused. I sometimes wonder if I'm not doing enough, or if another missionary would be able to reach her better then I. But I know that we feel the spirit when we teach, so I'll just keep pressing forward.
I had salo (pig fat) for the first time the other day. It has been available for me to try before, but I somehow find a way out of it. Then a grandma placed in front of me to try. Sister Morton just took a little tiny piece, but I wanted the full experience and put two thick slabs on my bread , then put some tomato sauce on the top. It was much harder to chew than I was expecting! It didn't have much flavor to it though. All in all, I am not looking forward to the next time I have to eat it.

Have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Eat some turkey for me!


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