Monday, November 2, 2009

Crazy Week

Last Monday we went bowling with Lena and Sveta. Sveta won, and it was her first time ever bowling! The bowling alley was the nicest I've ever been to, and it was only two dollars for two hours!
Tuesday we went to see Romeo and Juliet the Ballet. We went with four other sisters and they bought the tickets the day before since they were in the area. The other sisters had really good seats in the front of the balcony, and Sister Garff and I had seats in the very back of the balcony and had a pillar in front of our view. We were not happy. Especially because we told the sisters that we were willing to pay more money for better seats. I liked the Ballet though. I would have enjoyed it a lot more if I could have seen more. We ended up leaving after the second act.
On Thursday for our English group we talked about Halloween, and then had everyone make up a Halloween story. My favorite one went something like this, “One dark night...a boy, a girl, and a dog were sitting by a campfire. After a while the dog disappeared. Then the girl disappeared. The boy noticed that there was something shaking a bush. He went to go see what it was behind it and discovered the dog and the girl...and that their stomachs did not like eating so much fried pumpkin.” We didn't do much to celebrate on Halloween besides eat some candy. On Friday we were at someones house teaching English and the 11 year old girl got a phone call from her school that it was closed for three weeks. We knew it was getting cold, but we didn't think it was cold enough to shut down school for three weeks. We went to our next lesson and while we were there, the girl got a phone call that her university was closed for three weeks to prevent the spread of the Swine Flu. The girl's brother (who is a med student) was home and he came in and told us all about it. Apparently it is really serious in western Ukraine and will hit Keiv in a few days. So all schools and places that can shut down are shutting down. About 50 percent of people I see on the streets are wearing masks over their nose and mouth. I survived the Swine Flu scare in the MTC, so I hope I can survive it in Ukraine as well. I'm just not looking forward to all the people that will cancel on us for fear of the sickness. We're just going to have to find ways that we can take these lemons and make some sweet lemonade out of it!
Sunday evening Elder Mills had a baptism. When we arrived at the church, he told us that the guy who he was supposed to be baptizing was being held by police! We waited for two hours till the guy finally came. It turned out to be a lovely baptism.
Snowflakes are in the air today, which is too bad because I had a goal for there not to be any snow until December. I think I need to work on setting more realistic goals.
Well, that miracle investigator that we had last week has not answered any of our phone calls or responded to our texts. It is so sad. We knew she felt the spirit, but she still has her free agency. We found another investigator though. She was taught by sisters a couple of months ago and was progressing well, then she went to volunteer in Turkey for a while, but now she is back and wants to continue the lessons! Hooray for area book work!
We have another investigator who is does not believe Christ can help her. Sister Garff and I have been discussing that this week. It is truly amazing and incomprehensible how much Christ has already done for us, is currently doing, and will continue to do for us throughout eternity. To get her to see that and really feel it in her heart is going to take some work, but if she is willing to try, that is something.

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