Monday, October 26, 2009

Saturday is a special day

This is a Ukrainian pigeon house. It is similar to the one I wrote a story about before, but not the same one.

Saturday was my favorite day this week. We started out by teaching an English student and showed her the Restoration. She had questions afterward and we gave her a Book of Mormon. She admitted to us that she has never believed in God, but has noticed that there is a light in believer's eyes and she is curious to know why they are so happy all the time, when she can hardly find the time to smile. We asked her to read Alma 22 and asked if next time we could talk about why we are so happy and she agreed.
Later that day we had an English lesson at the church and we started by giving her a tour. When we got to the chapel, she started asking so many questions about our church that we had to sit down and start teaching the first discussion. She continued to ask inspired questions about everything and even answering some questions herself as she worked it out in her mind and heart. We also shared the Restoration film with her and gave her a Book of Mormon with the challenge to read Alma 32 and 3 Nephi 11. She was very accepting of everything we discussed and even committed herself to things before we could even ask her. Sister Garff and I occasionally looked at each other with shock about what was happening.

Sister Garff and I have been studying how the Book of Mormon and the Bible support each other. They have the same truths and principles. Sometimes the Bible shares more revelation about a gospel principle, and sometimes the Book of Mormon does, but they both go hand in hand with each other. I'll invite you to do the same. Choose any topic you like, and then search it out in the Bible and Book of Mormon and draw links and similarities with the teachings. It is very fun!

P.S. I have the sad feeling that I've seen about all the things to see in Keiv. I know this is not true because the city is huge! So if any readers have been to Keiv and can make suggestions to where I should go, please comment on this blog and my sister will get it to me. If you have not been to Keiv and would like to search the internet to find suggestions for me, please do so! Thanks!

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