Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Chair-bed

Sister Garff and I moved this past week. We were having problems with our old apartment and we knew that we had to get out of there before it got worse. We looked at four different apartments and finally found one in a good location for the right price. After we moved into the apartment we literally spent days trying to figure out the best furniture arrangement that would be best for us. We had a full-sized bed, a couch that folds out into a bed and also a chair that folds out. We spent a lot of time trying to think how to get two beds into one room according to the standard in the missionary handbook. Having the bed and the fold out couch in one room would take up way to much space and it would be back-breaking work to get that to happen. I finally came up with the idea to have the fold out chair be one of the beds. This was the very best option that would work out for us. The chair is smaller than a twin and a lot shorter as well. Since I came up with the idea I offered to sleep on the chair-bed. Sister Garff did not want to sleep on it, but offered to anyway because I am taller. But I chose the chair-bed because the full-size bed has a foot-board at the bottom and I didn't want to hit my feet on it every night like I did in the old apartment. I would rather have my feet dangle. So now I sleep on the chair bed and it's really not that bad. And it makes a funny story to share with other people!

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