Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Silly Mistake

The power of prayer has been prevalent during this past week as we have shared gospel principles with our private English students and asked them to hear more about the church, as we have moved and settled arrangements with our new landlords and our old ones and as we have heard news that our investigator who we thought had ceased investigating has started to return to church activities! The power of prayer is always there and will help us with whatever we need. Even if the result isn't quite what we were expecting, what needed to have happened happened. Story time- Sister Garff and I wanted to meet with a member named Sveta and share a spiritual thought with her. I found the “MA Sveta”(member active) on our phone and called her. I asked her if she could meet with us sometime this week, but she said she was busy with basketball practice and going to the Black Sea and doing other activities that I didn't think that Sveta was doing. I had to call a couple more times to finally find a time for us to meet. The night that we were meeting with Sveta, Sister Garff and I were waiting in the church and a woman walked in and started chatting with us. I had only seen this woman once before when I had first came to Ukraine, so we did not know who she was or why she was there. Then Sister Garff asked her name and she said she was Sveta. We quickly put the puzzle pieces together in our minds and realized that I had been calling the wrong Sveta the whole time! We tried to “play it cool” though and acted like we knew that we had called her. I hope she couldn't tell. We taught her anyway and ended up having a great lesson. It turns out that she is in-active and is struggling with her testimony. We testified to her and gave her specific things she can to do build up her testimony. Later, she told us that we really helped her day. I don't know if it was the Spirit that had me ignore all the signs that were telling me that she was not the member I was trying to call. But the Lord works in mysterious ways and we would not have met with her and helped her otherwise. Now we have an appointment with the original Sveta, and a new less-active to work with and help strengthen! May we all make our silly mistakes turn into spiritual strengths.

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