Sunday, October 11, 2009

Transfer Week

Mission conference was really great. Elder Imangazine said a quote that really stuck with me. It was, "Work without vision is drudgery, vision without work is daydreaming" I don't know who originally said that quote, but it makes sense, and I've really noticed that in my work. Days where I do missionary work just to do the work, are days where I am not happy, I have less patience and less charity and don't feel much like a missionary. Days when I keep thinking of wonderful things to do and excellent goals to accomplish, they are just a waste when I don't do them. But when the vision and the work is combined, those are my best days, there is so much excitement with worthy goals and so much satisfaction when they are carried out. I am trying to work on having every day be like that day.

Our zone leaders gave us a new referral (I love referrals!) we met with her the other day and we weren't really sure whether or not she wanted to practice English or if she wanted to learn about the gospel. Whenever we tried to swerve our conversation to gospel topics, she would quickly change the subject. I guess we'll have to ask her right out next time why she wants to meet with us.

A non-member couple showed up to church yesterday, just out of the blue, no one knew who they were. They stayed for all three hours, then after church Sister Garff and I talked to the woman. She said that she has been to church before and she feels the spirit here, but she is not ready to be taught by the missionaries because she is unsure about the Book of Mormon. She said she would come again to church next week and we'll try to talk to her again without scaring her away. It's difficult though. Later that day Sister Garff and I were talking about how central the Book of Mormon is to our religion. Not only is it proof that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, but it gives us so much more knowledge that is essential to our salvation. You can not be a member of the church and say that you believe in everything except for the Book of Mormon. It is such a central part of our religion. It is the keystone. Without it, everything we believe would crumble to the ground. So there is only two options, she either stops coming to church and rejects the spirit that she has felt so strongly here, or she accepts the Book of Mormon to be another testament of Jesus Christ through reading and prayer. I hope she chooses the second option.


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