Friday, November 20, 2009

Plan of Happiness

Transfer week is always crazy! I don't know why. I love my new companion, Sister Morton, we are going to work miracles together!
We taught the restoration to two women after English on Saturday. The lesson ended abruptly, but I hope we can meet with them again.
We also taught our main investigator about the Plan of Salvation. I really think she perked up when we told her we were going to answer the age old questions of where do we come from? Why are we hear? And what happens after death? It is still hard for her to believe it though. She says is sounds like a fairy tail. And it really is. We are princes and princesses of the Almighty King. Our elder Brother has made it possible for us to inherit kingdoms if we will obey. Like my mission President said in conference last week, we can not imagine what the Lord has in store for us. So yes, it is unbelievable! But it is true! And I know it is true! If I didn't have that hope, there would be no point in life, we wouldn't exist, there would be no earth, no sun, no stars, no universe. We can not comprehend it all, but it still makes so much sense to me. God loves us, he wants us to be happy. Why doubt such a great and wonderful blessing?!

Sister Howell

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