Monday, February 8, 2010

It's all true!

I am now in Borshahivsky! I have now traveled the heights of all the sisters. Starting with Sister pack who is a few inches shorter than myself, then to Sister Garff who is a few shorter, then to Sister Morton, shorter still, now I am with Sister Movchanyuk, the shortest sister in the mission! What a fun photo that will be if I can get us all together!

My new apartment is one of the nicest I've seen! My bed is so comfortable I sleep like a rock! It is also so much warmer than my old apartment and the best part is- no cockroaches!!!

I am very happy to be in the same district as the Temple. But with Sister Movchanyuk going home so soon, I hope that I will learn all that I can to carry on the area. She is one of the hardest working sisters I know and I will learn so much from her. She is also one of the fastest walking sisters I know- sometimes when we walk outside, I look down to be cautious of where I am stepping, when I look up again, she is nearly 20 feet away from me and I have to run to catch up with her! So much for caution!

We met with a girl last night and taught her the Plan of Salvation. She has already determined that she will end up in the Terrestrial (middle) kingdom. She said that she doesn't believe in happy endings. Sad. We testified that she can be happy if she will only accept God's hand in her life. She said she would read, so we'll see how she is doing at our next lesson.

Today I started doing the Alma 5 test. Writing out the questions and answering them. I only got through the first four, but it is quite the spiritual activity! I recommend this activity to anyone who needs some good scripture study!

We had Mission Conference last Friday was great! President Steinagel spoke on the Book of Mormon and how, when it was first published critics found many faults trying to prove that it could not be true. But over the years, with historical discoveries more and more facts point to the reality of the Book of Mormon. Why? Because it is the most true and correct book on the face of the planet! I love how true the Book of Mormon is! I would love to just slap a list down of all the facts at all of my lessons, but I know that that is not the true converter, the spirit is. Even if there were numerous facts proving the Book of Mormon to be false, if the Spirit still says it is true- it is true! I love the Spirit, I love the Book of Mormon, I love my Savior, and I love my knowledge that it is all true!


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