Monday, February 22, 2010


Sister's Conference was so much fun! We started out by having a talk on virtue by Sister Stienagel, then Pres. Stienagel spoke on the first Sister Missionaries and the strength of women. Then we had a presentation on the history of Ukrainian cross-stitch and all the symbols and what they mean. They also gave us a little kit to start our own. Although I don't think I'll have enough time on my mission to start it. Then we were taught about the bandura, Ukraine's tradition musical instrument which is like a cross between a guitar and a harp. Then we took turns playing for a little bit! After that we had some closing remarks, then ate some taco salad! I hadn't had Mexican food since the MTC, so it was a real treat. Then off to the ballet! We saw Romeo and Juliet again, which I love! I had a much better seat this time so I was happy!
I found the great missionary secret! Last night we were teaching an investigator with her member neighbor. She wasn't really progressing much, and we thought that it would be our last lesson with her. Then at the end the member's little kids invited her to come with them to church next week. Before then, she had always had an excuse why she could not come. But when the little kids invited her, she asked when and where and more questions about the service and what she needs to bring! Hooray for little kids and their sweet smiling faces. I really hope she comes next Sunday, because I wouldn't want to see those angels sad!

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